The Possibility of Summer

The Possibility of Summer.
There lying under the winter sky I feel the possibility of summer. The light streaming into my eyes opens up another vista, sight within sight, possibilities expand exponentially, limitless in both time and space. I feel the warmth of the moment envelop me, surround my being, and in that moment I am moved to another place of the spirit within. Just as the flower opens to reveal the bloom I too become elevated and blessed by the recognition that everything revealed to me is another part of who I am. “Take me I’m yours” the universe replies as a gentle wind passes across my ears. The grass beneath my body moves imperceptibly and yet I know the life within all things surrounding me is a shared life, a moment when all is one. I close my eyes and still the vision holds, colors blend, the lines between the elements fade away and are replaced by a oneness. Crack, the sky opens, and a cold rain begins to fall covering me from head to toe.