Be a Rock, not a Stone!


Be a Rock, not a Stone!

Have you ever feel like a Skipping Stone?
Getting bouncing along from one life’s drama to another?

Have you ever feel like a Stepping Stove, passed over, forgotten?
As a Lover or the Beloved knowing the tearing of heartbreak and loss?

Have you ever feel like a Cast Stone, an ornament, an element?
You as cold as a Head Stone, or a distant as a Milestone, your frozen in your past?

Have you ever felt a Kidney Stone? A Gallstone? Isolating pain, white and fluid
that paralyzes from the inside out, radiates and encompasses all feeling and thought.

When relief comes, it comes slowly, steadily, the wave changing shape and form.

Locating that pain in your body, the shape it takes in your brain, the taste it leaves in your mouth, you smell it until you can hear yourself cry for mercy
and identify where it begins and ends. The colors in your eyes are blazing red and white together, forever combined.

But then in the next moment you arise, the worst is past and there’s quietness, a peace.
There’s a stillness surrounding and protecting you, you are safe in your inner sanctuary.

Choice is all we have! Be a Rock, not a Stone!
Standing for Integrity, Trust, and Honesty.

Be a Rock, not a Stone! Is it Possible? Touch me Now…